mark harris architect an award-winning architectural design firm located in colorado springs colorado USA specializing in innovative educational and institutional structures




20-second Description:

We provide unique works of Architecture and Urban Design to clients looking for investment and portfolio-worthy projects that realize a high-level of inherent value.  This is accomplished with an expert team who work within a highly-detailed, research-driven, performative process, employing some of the more innovative technologies and techniques available today. 

Our process is one of connectivity ... it’s all about the connections ... and we believe these connections can change the world.

2-minute Profile:

Founded in 1991, markharris ARCHITECTS is known for provocative work that reflects the complex nature of our social, cultural, and technological conditions.  The firms’ work has been touted as representing a new breed of 'critical practices' where creative output engages the very fabric of our built environment through research and innovation.

The firm is known for progressing the boundaries of a given typology.  It’s solutions are based upon a researched approach that offers new, refreshing, and efficient ways of integrating it’s clients intents and needs with the evolving technology, sociology and ecology of our time.

Philosophically, the firm believes that architecture is an intellectual process followed by an integrated praxis of ‘doing’.  To this end, the firm believes firmly that one should practice a theory rather than theorize about a practice.  It’s solutions are carefully considered, socially and environmentally responsive, yet provocatively practical.

A core belief is that architecture should be responsible on all levelsTo this end, the firm believes that architecture is a social science, and therefore is not it’s own subject matter.  Rather, architecture is a result and reflection of the culture that creates it. 

At it’s best, the firm believes that architecture is the captured condensation of the multiple forces at play within a given place and time.  Rather than working towards a reductive strategy of elimination, the firm works towards an inclusive strategy of creative engagement and integration.

markharris ARCHITECTS, PC

Client Testimony:

“Mark will listen, he will question, and he will challenge assumptions.  His firm will provide excellent solutions for any school that believes a campus does more than house students: it affects learning.”

- Dan Cohn, Director, Rocky Mountain Academy of Evergreen

Locations of Projects:


    France (1)

    Morocco (1)

    Romania (2)

    Russia (1)

North America:

    Mexico (2)

        Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua

        Porte Penasco, Sonora

    United States of America (247)

        Arizona (6)

        California (7)

        Colorado (226)

        Nevada (2)

        New Mexico (1)

        Pennsylvania (1)

        Texas (3)

        Wyoming (2)

Client Testimony:

“Glenwood Springs High School was a replacement project of 9 phases executed over 21 months and concurrent with two school years - incredibly difficult. Mark provided the leadership needed to keep the project on time and on budget. Not one single day of school was missed because of the project.”

- Paul Freeman, Principal, Glenwood Springs High School